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Forms for Withdrawal and School Records PDF Print E-mail

For forms and instructions on first-time enrollment and re-enrollment, please read the Enrollment Procedures.

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Forms for Previous School
These forms are necessary only for students who have been previously enrolled in a public or private school. Send these forms "Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested" to the previous school, not to Outlook Academy, to have proof that you sent them. Do not take them to the school in person because then you will not have physical proof that the school received your request.

Form to Withdraw from Outlook Academy
Students may withdraw from Outlook Academy at any time. To enroll in another school, simply follow the school's procedures. Each school is different, so we cannot help you with the process. We will, however, provide a letter stating the enrollment period and verifying that the student has met homeschool state law. You will provide records and transcrips to the new school.

Please fill out the following form, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope (standard business size), and mail to Outlook Academy: