Who Should Issue the Diploma? Print
As graduation season approaches, Outlook Academy and HSLDA wish to remind homeschooling parents they can rest assured concerning the validity of the diplomas they issue their students.

With over 80,000 members nationwide, HSLDA has observed that diplomas issued and signed by parents are the norm in the homeschool community. They are accepted by employers, universities, and the military, virtually without exception. Indeed, Outlook Academy has several graduates who have gone on successfully to join the military or graduate from college or land a job in their chosen field. Click here to read about our graduates over the years.

HSLDA recommends that the diploma itself be signed by the person who would be in the best position to give clear and credible testimony—in the unlikely event that it is ever needed—about the student’s education and what he did to earn the diploma. This will often be you, the parent. Or it could be the registrar of an online program or private school that was the backbone of your student’s education.

A diploma is not merely “recognition” that a student has finished a high school program—a nice graduation gift would do that! It is a solemn, good faith statement of fact—from a person in a position to know—that the student finished the required work.

An important component of your freedom to homeschool is the freedom to issue a diploma to your own student—a diploma that will take him wherever he wants to go. HSLDA works every day to protect this freedom!

To read this article in its entirety, go to http://www.hslda.org/hs/state/mo/201105030.asp.