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Homeschoolers Celebrate "Crazy Hair Day" at Academy Days Co-op PDF Print E-mail

Homeschoolers at Academy Days Co-op celebrated "Crazy Hair Day" on September 27 for International Homeschool Spirit Week. Think multiple pony tails, spiked hair, colored hair spray, stretchy ties, various hair clips and even small toys!

carzyhaircollageAlexis Barrett (pictured bottom left) shows off her bird's nest while Hailey Patrick and Sarah Phillips (top left) sport pink hair and bows.

Even elementary students got in on the spirit with twist ties, colored hair gel and cone-head hair styles.

International Homeschool Spirit Week is held the fourth week of September every year. For 2016 it was held September 26-30 with Crazy Hair Day, Out and About Day, Super Hero Day, Movie Day and Giving Back Day.

Academy Days Co-op meets weekly during the school year at Coosada Baptist Church for homeschoolers in preschool through high school to take classes such as computer programming, science labs, foreign languages, acrylic painting and P.E. Visit http://www.AcademyDays.com for more information.