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Would you like to have lesson plans already prepared for all kinds of subjects, be part of a supportive community of fellow homeschoolers, but avoid the rish of infection and not have to rely on online classes? Then Academy Days Co-op in Millbrook may be just right for you this fall! Perhaps best of all, the entire cost for fall semester is only $20 per family or FREE for those who help with a class!

Go to for information on various classes for preschool through high school, and sign up now.

To protect our members with compromised immune systems and respect our church venue's policy of no large groups, Academy Days Co-op will continue remotely for Fall 2020. This offers a unique opportunity for new members to try co-op for the first time risk-free.

Open enrollment lasts through August 4, so go to for details and contact us now if you have questions or would like to enroll for Fall 2020.