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Can You Relate To These Common Homeschool Fears? PDF Print E-mail

I got an email from a worried mother recently. Can you relate to some of what she writes?

I want to homeschool. Did it for one year, yet I struggle with fear ... what my parents will think of me? (They think I am nuts, and think I will ruin my children's social skills and life.) My fear about how my children will navigate social difficulties if I "protect" them from it. Fear that my kids will end up with no friends and I will have to be their companion and playmate all day long! Not getting any free time myself! Fear that my husband and I will have very little time together. I know fear doesn't come from God, but the fear comes and makes me feel anxious in my body and I tire of fighting it.

Fear can haunt every aspect of parenting. And the decision to homeschool is no exception. But here's what I say to that mom....

Read the entire article by Sarita Holzmann at Sonlight.com by clicking here or going to http://www.sonlight.com/blog/2015/08/can-you-relate-to-these-common-homeschool-fears.html.