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About the Administrators

Daniel and Carren Joye, who have been married since 1987, have always homeschooled their four children. Their oldest child graduated from University of Montevallo with a double major in History and Art in May 2014 and currently works as a photographer in Atlanta. Their second child graduated with a BFA in acting from Belmont University in Nashville in 2016. She currently works in film and television in Atlanta. Their third child graduated homeschool in May 2014 and currently works as an electrician apprentice in the greater Montgomery area. Their fourth child, who graduated from homeschool in 2018, writes a blog for Camp ASCCA and pursues her art. Daniel and Carren reside in Millbrook, Alabama, and actively participate in their church.

Daniel T. Joye
Daniel is the CEO of MindfulWare LLC, an Internet software firm based in Montgomery. A former U.S. Air Force officer, Daniel holds the B.S. in Computer Science from Troy State University at Montgomery.

Carren W. Joye
Carren is the co-founder of Academy Days Co-op and Elmore County Homeschool Organization (ECHO) as well as author of the award-winning Homeschooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide for Families (ISBN 0-595-34259-0), A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Complete Guide to Playgroups (ISBN 0-595-14684-8), and Alabama State History Curriculum. Carren graduated valedictorian and magna cum laude with the B.A. in Communication from Coker University┬áin South Carolina. You can find out more about Carren and order her books at www.CarrenJoye.com.

Prattville Primitive Baptist Church

Outlook Academy is a homeschool ministry of Prattville Primitive Baptist Church, located at 370 E. Main Street in Prattville, Alabama. Membership in the church and a statement of faith are not required for Outlook Academy members. However, membership in the church qualifies for waiver of all Outlook Academy fees.

This small congregation is eager to reach out to the homeschooling community and individual homeschooling families. If you are seeking a church home in the greater Prattville area, Prattville Primitive Baptist Church invites you to visit.

For more information about the church, click here.

Our Name and Logo

Definition of “outlook” from Random House:

  1. the view or prospect from a particular place.
  2. mental attitude or view; point of view: one's outlook on life.
  3. prospect of the future: the political outlook.
  4. the place from which an observer looks out; lookout.
  5. the act or state of looking out.
  6. a watch kept; vigilance; lookout: a careful outlook to prevent forest fires.

Outlook Academy Graphic
Our logo is located in the top left corner of the web site. It was originally designed by Michael Coley and modified by Eric Lewis.

The two hills represent an opened book. On (or in) the book is where learning takes place and where the landscape lies. The red schoolhouse reminds us of the old-fashioned one-room schoolhouse, which in modern terms is our own home; as a result, it symbolizes homeschooling. The rising sun represents nature (biology, philosophy) and light (knowledge), and it also plays along side the stars in a way that shows that homeschool, or true learning, takes place day and night. The stars represent math and discovery as well as our dreams for our children and ourselves. The shooting star symbolizes the child leaving home to pursue his or her own dreams and aspirations.